The Application Process

VERY IMPORTANT — BEFORE YOU CONSIDER APPLYING: Please note that applicant interviews are scheduled on extremely short notice in March and are typically held in New York, New Haven, Philadelphia and Washington, DC. The Fund will not pay any transportation charges or other costs of applicants who are invited to be interviewed. Persons who live at a significant distance from these cities should reconsider submitting an application, if the expense and time required to travel to any of those cities would be unduly burdensome. No grant is awarded by the Fund without a personal interview. However, submitting an application does not guarantee being invited for an interview, and being invited for an interview does not guarantee a scholarship.

In making a decision to apply, applicants should also keep in mind that if they are awarded a grant, they will be obligated to attend at least one weekend fellowship conference in June or September sponsored by the Fund during the first year on grant.


The Roothbert Fund designates a three-month period from November 1 to February 1 in which applications are accepted for the following academic year.

As of November 1, 2016, the Roothbert Fund application can be completed online. To be considered, all components of the application must be filled out correctly and completely, and all letters of recommendation and transcripts must be uploaded by midnight February 1, 2018. NOTE: Please discard any of our paper application forms from prior years.

Each year on November 1, a link will appear below to permit applicants to apply online. If you do not see a link below, it means that the application period is either not yet open or has closed. Please carefully review the eligibility criteria for applicants before beginning the online application.


After the application is complete, select candidates will be invited to an interview with the Scholarships Committee. The Fund does not make grants to applicants who are not invited to be interviewed. Interviews are held during March of each year at Fund headquarters in New York City as well as locations in Washington, DC, New Haven, and Philadelphia. Before applying, each applicant should consider carefully whether he or she can arrange to be present for such an interview and must affirm on the application form his or her intention to be present for an interview, if invited. The Fund does NOT reimburse applicants' travel or other expenses incurred in the interview process.


Awards are announced in late April. Grants are mailed to the grantees' institutions in August.


Acceptance of an award obligates the recipient to:

maintain a high standard of work and conduct;

provide school transcripts to the Fund yearly;

attend at least one weekend fellowship meeting in June or September;

keep a close relationship with the Fund through correspondence and visits;

advise the Fund promptly of any change in his or her academic or financial situation.

Every award is subject to revocation if, in the opinion of the Fund, the holder fails to live up to these requirements.

For questions regarding eligibility or the application process, please refer to the following link: FAQ.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to send us a message below.


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